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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Multi Dimensional

Tierney Gearon remains one of my favorite artists. And with her latest work Tierney Gearon just took it to whole other level -- she went for something new, it worked out AND the viewers love the new work.
Both my bud Emily Shur and Liz Kuball recently wrote very eloquent pieces about Tierney Gearon's work. Find Em's writing on her blog: My Four Eyed Fantasy and Liz's at Ahorn.
You can see Tierney Gearon's work at ACE Gallery in L.A. through April 2009.

And if Tierney Gearon's latest work appeals to you & you are in New York today or tomorrow, don't miss out on seeing Helen Sear's celebrated show at Klompching Gallery in Dumbo.
Different in many ways, these two talented female artists however explore similar ideas, no doubt capturing the current Zeitgeist.

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