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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Waltzer, Willis Thomas & Barthmann

Coney Island New York & A Street in Istanbul © Garie Waltzer

Garie Waltzer's work is just stunning. Today Jane & Rona present a convo with Garie over at the Nymphoto blog as part of Nymphoto Conversations.

courtesy Hank Willis Thomas

Opening tonight is Hank's second solo show at Jack Shainman Gallery. I hear this show has almost no photography in it and differs completely from the work shown in the Aperture monogram of the same title.

Hank Willis Thomas
Pitch Blackness
Jack Shainman Gallery
531 West 20th Street
New York, NY

And at last I came across the work of Daniel Barthman via Mrs. Deane (aka Beierle + Keijser).
Mrs. Deane showcased works from his St.Pauli series; images taken in my hometown of Hamburg. St.Pauli is undergoing gentrification and thus these images pack a double punch for me. I also really responded to Daniel Barthmann's other work, in particular "Fremde Orte", a series with many exquisite images.
Enjoy this work at: www.danielbarthmann.de .

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