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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Aggregate Bliss

Taking a page out of Zoe's book, let me first say to my husband: I love you so much, more so every day. Aggregate Bliss.

Then on to the business of blogging:

photography brought these three together © Corvallo

Four years ago we celebrated our marriage with lots of family, friends & 'framily' in our other home country of Belize.
Good times. Since Hank ain't shy about sharing his likeness and Emily's likeness has been outed by the Jackanory I figured it was ok to share this snapshot of us three Tisch-Photo alumni at Belize airport.
It's neither a flattering nor a good picture but this snapshot makes me happy. Ah... the power of photography!
The image does not only make me think of our Belizean nuptials but I also associate it with many years of friendship and my years as an undergrad -- which were spent blissfully ignorant of the road ahead, with good friends and lots of photography.

I am thankful that Em & Hanky were there, along with everyone else (you know who you are!).
Destination weddings are good :)

thanks for observing the color wheel! © Corvallo


Anonymous said...

where is my photo credit?

nina said...

u want one, Hanky?!

Candace said...

Long live the panty ripper!

nina said...

true that, we should have one soon :)

Emily Shur said...

love this! fond, fond memories...hank + emily + sharing a jungle hut + panty rippers = a week of good times with great friends. happy anniversary to you two crazy kids!!