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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not Enough Time

Ahh, it irks me to neglect the blog. My life always seems hectic these days. And with the two upcoming Nymphoto Exhibits at Sasha Wolf Gallery, the final stages of producing the NymphotoConversations Anthology & the Nymphoto Call for Entries on top everything else, I just haven't had much time to find food for the blog.
This weekend we are attending our dear friends Jason & Chad's wedding. I am really looking forward to this and I think it will provide a nice change of pace & mood. I also hope to do a little reading this weekend (must nourish mind & soul!). I want to finish "The Audacity of Hope" (so delighted to read about the importance President Obama places on manners) and my hubby got me a copy of "Annie Leibovitz at Work" (so good to have the Strand close by!). The equivalent of the beach novel for photographers :)

Oh and head over the Nymphoto blog to read my conversation with Jennifer Loeber, who decided she did not want to touch naked strangers, but instead took to photographing them. Guck mal "Zeig Mal" ;)


Rona Chang said...

Can I borrow Audacity when you're done?

nina said...

of course :)