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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Okie Dokie

Ok, back to blogging and all that:

Allerton, 2006 © Maria Passarotti

First off my friend Maria "Motorina" Passarotti has an opening tonight in Dumbo at Safe-T-Gallery. Maria's work is also up for auction with Daniel Cooney at igavel.com currently.
An auction beautifully curated by Dan that also features work by another friend and Nymphoto cohort: Jane Tam. As well as a timeless image by the fabulous Ellen Rennard and a keenly observed image by my blog buddy Susana Raab.
I also much like Satomi Shirai's work in this auction and am tickeled by Laurie Sermos' "Flamingos in Berlin" image. If you are interested in Satomi Shirai's work, don't forget to check out Jane's interview with Kanako Sasaki over at the Nymphoto Blog, I bet you will like Kanako's work if you like Satomi Shirai's work.
But back to the auction: I was happy to see work by my fellow NYU/ICP alumn Aram Jibilian included, aswell as Palmer Davis' image "Two Swimmers" -- which ignited my 'Wanderlust'.

from "asleep at sea" ©Jane Tam

All the work in the auction can also be viewed at the gallery and it is a great time to go, because through April 18 the Francesca Romeo & Tema Stauffer exhibit is up at the gallery as well.


Ellen Rennard Photography said...

Thanks for the mention!
@ ellenrennard.com

mariamotorina said...

thanks for the shout out, Nina! I love the work you highlighted from the auction, especially "Flamingos in Berlin", "Two Swimmers" and of course Jane's work from "asleep at sea".