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Sunday, March 8, 2009


Ask for a blue room at Hotel Stureplan © Nina Buesing

On the way home from Lapland, we had a one night layover in Stockholm. When we drove into town we saw lots of people walking & ice skating on the archipelago's many frozen waters, reminding me of childhood winters spent in Hamburg. Stockholm is a handsome town with lots of beautiful architecture. Surprisingly parts of the town feel like Italy with apartments buildings painted in hues of burnt sienna.
For dinner we followed our friend Anna's advice and ate at Herman's. A vegetarian buffet spot with gorgeous city views and a wonderful vibe.
As one of the most popular cities of the North Stockholm has a great amount of hotels. We stayed at Hotel Stureplan, which we highly recommend. I booked a a blue room with classic Gustavian style furniture for us via www.hotelstureplan.se and we received a fantastic bargain rate for pre-paying. The service at Stureplan was outstanding and the room while small was excellent. Classic but not stuffy. This place is a great value for your money.
For those who like a more modern hotel and who are OK with spending more look at Hotel Rival. Swedes like Anna and Sandra told me that Hotel Rival has a great reputation. And if you want real old world posh and are willing to splurge there is of course The Grand Hotel.
D. and I both enjoyed Stockholm for the few hours we were there. It's pedestrian friendly, people are very welcoming and everyone speaks English (you were very right, Maja!).
Pretty much anywhere in Europe you can get by if you speak English, but D. and I were both completely amazed at how incredibly well people speak English in Sweden. We might as well have been in New York, that's how easy it was for us to communicate.
Anyway, seems to me like Stockholm is a city to visit year round. During the cold months it is a winter wonderland and it must be gorgeous during a long Nordic summer night.

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brea said...

Oh my! What a beautiful image. The chandelier evokes a magical sea creature or some strange glittering ufo. Love it. Looking forward to reading more about your Nordic adventures.