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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday This & That

Conceit © Ryan McLennan

Ryan McLennan's new website is up - with lots of new work. Find it at www.ryanmclennan.com.
While in Boston I met artist Isabelle Abramson, who makes beautiful pottery. Check out some of her work at: www.isabelleabramson.com.
And I am really enjoying reading "Annie Leibovitz At Work". It is reminding me how much of a photographer I am.

Aceh, Indonesia © Jonathan Perugia

Our house is strangely quiet now, as our friends Emma & Jonathan returned to London this morning. Jonathan is a documentary photographer and he was recently saying that what is so incredible about being a photographer is the moments one gets to share with people and how one gets to bare witness to extraordinary moments. I think he is right.
To see a sample of Jonathan's work, head over to his website: www.jpfoto.com. You'll find some amazing - and sometimes devastating- imagery.


ryan mclennan said...

thanks nina!

emma woodhouse said...

You're so lovely. He'll be so pleased to see you quoted him!x