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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nymphoto etc

I am relieved to say that Nymphoto Books: Conversations Vol. 1 went to press a couple of hours ago (Hail Melanie & Girl Power!). This project (the book, the exhibits at Sasha Wolf Gallery & the related call of submissions) have been a great experience for me and (I hope for the rest of my cohorts at Nymphoto too).
Luckily I was clueless about how much work this would be. It has been absolutely all consuming and much time is spent simply on communication, which explains why this blog has become sporadic. At times this experience has been so intense that I was getting flashbacks to really good episodes of The West Wing. Just call me Lemon Lyman -- wait make that CJ ;)
Of course we are not ridding the world of nuclear neapons but neither do we have a staff nor a cafeteria.
Anyway. I am close to delirium and have another email to finish. But please stay tuned. Better blog posts to come.

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