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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Der Umlaut

The umlaut seems to confuse those who don't have them in their names. An umlaut alters the pronunciation of a vowel.
The umlaut is non existent in the English alphabet, thus if a name has an umlaut in it, it will be spelled with an 'e' after the vowl in an englsih/international context. For example: Jürgen Teller becomes Juergen Teller, Jörg Colberg becomes Joerg Colberg and Nina Büsing becomes Nina Buesing.
Of course then there is also Motörhead -- that umlaut is strictly a stylistic decision. One that I forgive Lemmy, but generally just find annoying --- I get it: Germans are scary...blah, blah. Next!

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