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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dream(ing) (of) From Sweden

Just arrived from Sweden
- manufactured & designed by Camilla Engman & Karin Erikkson

Tomorrow will be a big and stressful day in my world.
More medical stuff, but this time I am not the one in the hospital.

But I was delighted to come home after a quick run to discover that my 'dream' had arrived from Manos in Sweden. And I even got an extra treat! Thank you Karin!
Karin Erikkson, Sandra Juto, Elizabeth Dunker, Camilla Engman & Morran make me want to move to Sweden. Judging from their blogs, life for these five ladies just seems good & right.

In addition to Karin Erikkson's exquisite ceramics, Manos carries all sorts of wonderful items (like Urubbu Cards) - and your items will arrive wonderfully wrapped! You can visit Manos web shop at: manos.bigcartel.com.

Oh and talking about blogs that share the best of what life has to offer -- check out: mandarineditalie.blogspot.com.


Camilla Engman said...

Always nice to know where it lives now :)
You are welcome to sweden any day.

Karin said...

hej Nina, I'm glad it's found such a nice home and I echo Camilla on visiting Sweden ;)