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Monday, September 7, 2009

Labo(u)r Day This & That

courtesy Sasha Wolf Gallery/© Norman Mooney

Today is Labo(u)r Day, which truly marks the end of summer in the US. It's back to business after Labo(u)r Day.
As Amy Stein astutely pointed out on her blog, the meaning behind Labo(u)r Day is mostly lost on the mainstream.
In Continental Europe Labour Day is on the 1 of May and manifests itself very differently from Labo(u)r Day Here. In Germany the day often ends with semi-serious riots in urban centers like Berlin or Hamburg.

But back to New York. With summer over the city is getting back to work. The city's art world opens the season with a bang.
Horses Think has a 'Hit List' of photo shows to see, find it by clicking here.
As Ruben of Art Most Fierce put it, Thursday night will be a marathon. There are so many openings to attend.
Then the following week, on Thursday September 17, Norman Mooney's Carbon Drawings will premiere at Sasha Wolf Gallery.
Maria and I saw some of the works from his Absence and Presence exhibit in Williamsburg last year and we can say that they are exquisite and minimalist in just the right way.

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