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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Les Artistes et Les Galeries

Amy Stein's Watering Hole in this weeks New Yorker. Don;t miss the show. Congrats again, Amy! © Amy Stein

I couldn't make it to the openings Thursday night , but Friday -regardless of the rain & thousands of fashonistas abound- I tracked up to Chelsea to see a few shows. I saw Amy Stein's work at Clamp Art, which was great.
So far I only had seen Domesticated in print, so it was nice to finally catch the work at Brian Paul Clamp's gallery.

My reflection in the bison by Simen Johan at Yossi Milo

Of course I also went right next door to Yossi Milo Gallery to checkout one of my favorite artists: Simen Johan. And voila there it was: A Bison! Love the bison, the deer and also very much the lamb image of the Until The Kingdom Comes exhibit.
I like that Simen Johan also does sculpture; two were displayed at the gallery.
Overall I wish there would have been more work-- on the other hand it is nice to leave a gallery wanting more.

This one is for you, Jane ;) -- Valentijn from Annick Ligtermoet's series The Photo's on My Wall © Annick Ligtermoet

Then I headed over to Horton & Liu to see Annick Ligtermoet-- but clearly I was confused, because her work is actually exhibited at Horton & Liu auxiliary/project space Sunday L.E.S (I updated my original post about this listing. My apologies if anyone went to the wrong location). The show will close after Sunday, so I will be off to the LES tomorrow - rain or shine. That's how excited I am about Annick's work.
However the Horton & Liu's space at 504 West 22nd Street - which just opened- is lovey. It is in the parlor floor of a full-width brownstone, close to the highline. The space is warm and elegant, and feels good-- especially in contrast to most of the other gallery spaces in Chelsea which are concrete boxes. I like that Bauhaus vibe sometimes-- but my heart is more in the old skool, circa 1980 Soho vibe. While at Horton & Liu I met Frank Liu (C. Sean Horton's new gallery partner) who simply is the nicest of persons.

© Alexia Stamatiou

Sunday L.E.S. first came on my radar when they showed Alexia Stamatoui's work. Still love love love Alexia's work.
Ok off to bed and off to Sunday L.E.S. tomorrow.

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frankliunyc said...

It was lovely to meet you and thank you for your kind words. We will clarify the information on our website in regards to the two exhibition spaces. I hope you enjoyed Annick's show at Sunday.

I look forward to seeing you at the gallery again soon.

Frank Liu