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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Shur & Shireman: Asia

Gorgeous Hong Kong print by my friend Jon Shireman for sale @ etsy.com:

©Jon Shireman

©Emily Shur

And Wall Space is currently offering an atmospheric Japan print by Emily Shur (yes, another friend) . And while you are at www.wallspaceseattle.com take a moment to check out the work of Liz Kuball and Lane Collins as well (Lane, I am still pining for a print of Franklin!).
Liz's work is also available at 20x200 right now. I love how Liz captures the Cali vibe and that citrus tree Liz photographed coincidentally reminds me of the gorgeous lemon tree leaning over into Emily's backyard.


Emily Shur said...

Thanks so much buddy. You are always most supportive and it is most appreciated.

Jon Shireman said...

Thanks Nina.