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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wash Up

I am sitting in a hospital waiting for someone to come out of surgery.
As a child I had a profound fear of anything that involved a doctor. But my adult New York medical experiences have changed that greatly. I know it is not a perfect system, but nothing is. And sometimes medical intervention is necessary. So you just have to prepare the best you can and get through it.

Two things that the NYU Langone Medical Center tries to raise awareness of are:
Preventing the spread of germs & viruses (wash your hands!) and the need for blood donations.

Apparently every 2 seconds someone (in the US) needs blood. The US is very strict about who can donate blood (and that is a very good thing) . Because of the great need and the strict requirements the US (and I imagine many other countries too) have a chronic shortage.
If you can & want to give blood, you can contact a hospital near you or check out organizations such as: www.americasblood.org .
But washing your hands - not just in the hospital - is another way to make a difference. Not just during flu season.
The Mayo Clinic has some tips on how to wash your hands properly: www.mayoclinic.com.


Camilla Engman said...

I hope it all went well!

nina said...

took a little longer but in the end all is good! Thank you Camilla!