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Friday, October 30, 2009

Lillian Bassman, Staley Wise & New York Spaces

© Lilian Bassman

Today I stopped by Staley Wise to see Lillian Bassman's Women exhibit (there is also a book of the same title). It is always nice to see those gorgeous prints of hers and to step into Staley Wise Gallery.
You cannot find a a bad photograph in this old skool gallery that is filled with prints and books and friendly staff.
New York + functional space + wood floors + white walls +photographs + art books = comfort -- at least for me.
Such spaces remind me of my days spent totally at peace in the darkroom or of working at a studio. Life is messier now and peace harder to come by. But I am not complaining.

Anyway go see the work:

Lillian Bassman
Staley Wise Gallery
560 Broadway
NYC 10012
- through November 28, 2009

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retoque fotografico said...

The old classic black and white photographs have some stunning tones and processes which are impossible to replicate with modern technology.