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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nymphoto Blog

Go-Go Gadget: Rainbow-ified Darth (mini)Nina ©Melanie Oswald

Nymphoto had a great year. And for the rest of the year we are just tweaking operations to be prepped for what next year might bring.
Melanie recently started a new 'tech & geek' segment on the Nymphoto blog called Go-Go Gadget that publishes Saturdays- because girls do like tech.
We of course are continuing with the Nymphoto Conversations series. We had some really nice ones lately and more great ones to come. Ellen Rennard will be featured soon (a horsewoman just like me!) and soon we will also publish a re-interview with Emily Shur.
Also coming soon will be our Picture of The Week segment. And we'd like to expand on Nymphoto Op-Ed, so if you have an opinion piece relevant to Women in the Arts/Photography send it to submissions(at)nymphoto.com for review.

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