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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seen & Read

A couple of nights ago I saw The September Issue. And as you might have heard Grace Coddington is the true star of the movie (and Anna Wintour is really not all that scary). If you are in NYC this Thursday evening you can catch Ms. Coddington in person at her book signing for The Catwalk Cat at one of my favorite places: Clic Gallery.
I also saw Coco avant Chanel - and liked it very much. Can't agree with The New Yorker Review here. Beautiful movie- the visual from the orphanage scenes are the most memorable & beautiful I have seen since the George Clooney/Horse scene in Michael Clayton.
And I thought Audrey Tautou eloquently captured the spirit of Coco Chanel.

This week's New Yorker has a profile about filmaker Wes Anderson. If you are a Wes Anderson follower the article doesn't cover any new ground, but it is still a nice read and a good introduction if you are new to the universe of Mr. Anderson.
Mr. Anderson reportedly now primarily resides in Paris and has spent more time abroad. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and The Darjeeling Limited were not as well received as The Royal Tenenbaums or Rushmore. Both Life Aquatic and Darjeeling Limited are set outside the US and I wonder if that is what alienated some from those movies or maybe (re)viewers just wanted more of exactly the same.
Life Aquatic is probably my favorite Wes Anderson movie so far (agreeing with The New Yorker on this one). I felt Wes Anderson was really delving into his creativity and the story reflected an evolution. Wes Anderson is a couple of years older than me. I am not where I was ten years ago in life and neither it seems is Wes Anderson or his movies - and that's a relief.
See you at Fantastic Mr Fox :)

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