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Monday, October 5, 2009

Video Killed The Radio Star

Today another friend lost their job. While some news outlets declare the worst is over, many of my friends are still loosing their jobs. Partly this is because I have many friends who work(ed) in a dying industry.
The recession seems to have accelerated the death of the magazine and whether it is for editorial photographer or designers, things are rough.
Much has been said about the decline of this industry. Some critiques have blamed the industry itself for not maintaining a high standard of creativity.
I think the Internet simply killed magazines -- for the most part. It is true however that many publications had not churned out interesting content and were unadventurous visually for the past decade.
I am still very loyal to the New Yorker and Travel & Leisure Magazine. And I would not enjoy either as much if it were only available online.
I like to read a magazine or book in the bathtub, in bed or when I am out of town.
And I don't want to be 'plugged in' all the time. At heart I am a 20th Century girl.

Speaking of books: I went to the Strand's 3rd floor rare book section today-- what a magical place! I hope it is here to stay.

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