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Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

The Precious (sold already!), The Comandant & The Widower (love the titles of the works) ©Ryan McLennan

I have lots of work right now, but Saturday I took a break to see Ryan McLennan's show, which was - as expected- great. Go see it at Joshua Liner Gallery in Chelsea.

On Sunday night my friend Andrea taught me how to cook a new delicious wintry vegge dish using a recipe by Peter Berley.
We made balsamic roasted seitan with Cipollini onions with sides of mashed potatoes & baked kale. It's a great winter dish and quick to make. The recipe for the seitan dish can be found in Peter Berley's easy-to-follow cookbook Fresh Food Fast. The mashed potatoes we made with Ronnybrook dairy and the baked kale is simply washed and sprinkled with olive oil & salt, then baked until crisp on the edges. Easy as pie. Bon Appétit! as Julia would say.

Hail Seitan ;) -- Seitan Stew a la Peter Berley © Nina Corvallo

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melanie said...

Love Ryan's stuff and your dinner looked delicious, good old Peter Burley...