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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

All You Need Is One

A Young Wes Anderson © Emily Shur

So last night I attended the Wes Anderson/Noah Baumbach Convo at the NYPL library (tx again Mz. L.). Both directors/writers put on a good show and had great chemistry. I walked away thinking that Wes Anderson loves what he does and that he is able to execute his vision. There is so much compromise in the creative field and business encroaches so much, that more often than not I encounter artists for whom there is little joy left in what they do. Yes, I know that sounds sad and it is. I read somewhere (prob. in the recent New Yorker profile) that Wes Anderson is grace under pressure and last night's appearance seemed to confirm that. Sure he has to deal with his share of crises and pressures, but he is able to laugh about it. And it probably be processed in one of his scripts somewhere.
Wes Anderson shared an anecdote about Bottle Rocket: He spoke about how confident he was while making that film - "Just wait until they see this!" and how insecure he felt just before the first screening. And perhaps rightfully so, because that test audience apparently hated the movie-- except for one girl. Wes Anderson is no drama queen, but he made clear how much the response of that girl meant. It meant there was an audience for his movie(s), someone who got it.
All it takes is ONE.
I guess that is what I took away from the evening. Life is a binary event. It is or it is not. All it takes is one. One person to buy your house when you want to sell it, one person to want to love you, one person to want to see your movie, one person to believe in you.

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