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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fur Coat & Pants

The Most Amazing Larry
© Jeff Cate

Looking to socialize or train your dog? Or maybe you simply need doggy daycare?
If you are in downtown Manhattan give www.furcoatandpants.com a try.
This service was started by my friend Terry who turned his personal experience & love for pets into a caring and professional company - (licensed, insured and bonded!).
Terry's dog Larry (he did not name him, it's a coincidence!) is one of the sweetest and well adjusted pets I have ever encountered, and I think all the credit goes to Terry.
Before we found our cat sitter, travelling was always complicated. It meant imposing on friends (I'm still so grateful to y'all) and sometimes having five different friends stop by to cover our entire absence. With work and family & friends all over the globe we cannot escape travel. The luxury of being able to hire someone trustworthy, competent & loving to take care of our furballs changed our life and the way we travel.
I can only imagine having a dog is even more complicated.
Fur Coats & Pants may be able to help. You can reach Fur Coats & Pants at 212.929.4828 or visit their website: www.furcoatandpants.com.
PS: It's all in the family: Nymphoto's Melanie Oswald (Melanie among other things posts our Saturday Go-Go Gadgets feature) did the Fur Coats & Pants website & my friend Jeff did all the photography, pretty neat huh? See more of Jeff's work at www.jeffcate.com.

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