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Friday, November 6, 2009

Notes from The Gym (It's Like A Wes Anderson Film)

This year I joined and learned to love the gym. I don't like when people tell me what to do and I am not a follower. Thus classes never worked well for me and I found it hard to stay committed. Now I work out by myself (or with the husband) and I really enjoy it. I get into a zone and it can be incredibly meditative and most importantly I feel great.
My gym is mellow and I am entertained by all the different characters (the Walkman is not obsolete technology in my gym universe). I wish I was a better writer, so that with great wit I could capture the many regular protagonist found at my gym: The leggy blond with the beautiful long hair who brings all the fans she can find and positions them around her before she starts running or the guy who will always loudly grunt and then yell to himself at the top of his lungs: "Come on" and "You can do this", motivating everyone to run that extra mile-- and my all time favorite (and the one that kinda grosses me out): the girl that eats on the treadmill. Yesterday she reached a new height: She had split pea soup on the treadmill - with croutons. Seriously.
Maybe she is under the impression that if she eats at the gym the food has no calories. I don't know.

1 comment:

Rona Chang said...

wow, the girl who eats on the treadmill must be coordinated. i can't even read while i'm running.