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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday NYC Love Letter

Manhattan in the 80's ©Nina Buesing Corvallo

I heart New York, I really do.
My friend S. recently said, how she thought London was having a moment but that New York would have a moment again too.
I moved to New York during the peak of the crack & crime wave. I went to school at the edge of midtown and I hung out downtown. Fortunately nothing bad ever happend to me in New York. When I first moved here someone stole my backpack. I learned quickly and to this day you won't be catching me not holding or maintaining contact with my bag while out. There are other behaviors you adopt when you live in a big city (you'll also never catch me in high heels walking home alone late at night) and they probably helped me stay safe. Sheer luck of course is the other reason.

The City & I © Buesing

I have always felt comfortable in New York. It's like a good marriage, even during the bad times, you know that you will get through it.
Anyway, I started this post wanting to write about a few things happening in New York (so much to do & see!), but I guess it turned (yet again) into another mini-New York love letter.
Oh well.
Our friend Ben, a 'native', just finished working on one of his love letters to the city. I can't wait to see Downtown Calling. Take a sneak peek at the film : www.downtowncalling.com.
PS: Don't forget to vote today!


sandra said...

nina, i so miss new york. only been there for a week, but i'm hooked!

Emily Shur said...

oh buddy, you are the cutest.

Candace said...

Love the visor. Funny, I've been thinking a lot lately about how much I do love this city.

nina said...

Sandra , you must come visit again! We can do New York Fika :)
Ems, thanks and hope to see you next week.
Candace - it's a great town, isn't it? Sometimes it can be such a pain, especially the cost, but it is hard to beat.