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Thursday, December 10, 2009

2009 & The Movies

2009 was not a great year for film.
I saw Up in the Air last night and liked it. There was some good dialogue, concepts to contemplate, things to identify with, messages to reject and George Clooney is fantastic in it. Even though his suits looked too expensive for his character and he is almost too charismatic compared to the rest of the cast, but maybe that was the point?
Bottom line: It is a very good film.
I heard that Up in the Air is already considered a front runner for best movie of the year (that would be Fantastic Mr. Fox in my opinion) and maybe it is. However in a year with stiffer competition I don't think we would hear this talk. Like I said, it's been a slow year for the movies.
There is not much I wanted or still want to see. I will see Tom Ford's directorial debut A Single Man. Because I know at the very least it will be visually satisfying. You can catch the trailer at IMDB: www.imdb.com.

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Emily Shur said...

Agree with you about "the year in movies". I'm dying to see Fantastic Mr. Fox...but as of now, my favorite movie of the year was Inglorious Basterds! Honestly, I thought it was amazing...