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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Future

How perfect is Camille's last name?! © Camille Seaman

I am a sucker for an Alice Hoffman novel. I have been under the weather, so I cuddled up with the cats and a copy of The Probable Future and read it in one stretch. And I am all better now.
Alice Hoffman's writing is so beautiful and detailed, but hard to translate visually.
Today's Nymphoto Conversation is with Camille Seaman. Like the prose of Alice Hoffman, Camille Seaman's portraits of icebergs are transfixing. The disappearing icebergs are at once magnificent and tragic - and for me Camille Seaman's work also falls into the genre of magical realism.
As I write this, I have a hint of beautiful crisp winter air come in through my window and it makes me wonder how quickly the earth will heat up. When I travelled in arctic circle earlier this year, the locals all spoke about how much milder the winters had become.
Please head over to the Nymphoto blog for my conversation with the inspirational Camille Seaman: www.nymphoto.blogspot.com.

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Lauren said...

beautiful photos!