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Thursday, December 31, 2009

On Avatar, Beauty & Violence

After my friend Eric mused on FB about how beautiful Avatar was, I changed my mind and dragged the husband to a 3D showing of the movie.
I did this partially because I wanted to see what all the hoopla was about and partially because the end of year has brought a yearning for inspiration and beauty in me. As André Leon Talley would say: “It’s a famine of beauty, honey!!”.
Or at least in my mind there is a famine, my mind has been an creative desert.
Maybe things are just a bit to real for me these days.
And exactly for that reason I could have done without all the fighting scenes in Avatar.
I watch & read the news. I don't need to see additional violence. I am always shocked at how much violent imagery & storylines we are bombarded with from entertainment programs. I think it is totally out of control.
Much like chefs sometimes have to reset their pallets and not eat salt for a week, I think society could benefit from a resetting. Everyone should spend a couple of months without watching crime or action tv & movies.
I would have preferred to just spend some time in the forests of Pandora.
There is much to criticize about Avatar. The storyline is unsophisticated to the point of offensiveness.The dialogue is banal. BUT visually Avatar it is a masterpiece. The world of Avatar's Pandora is breathtakingly beautiful. And that is worth a lot.
There is no point to life without beauty and wonder.
Avatar's beauty just might have sparked the right neurons in my brain.
Kudos to James Cameron for holding on to his inner child. And thanks for those wonderful blue feline-esque creatures with long braids and the luminous world they inhabit.

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Horlic said...

Yap, I agree with you "The world of Avatar's Pandora is breathtakingly beautiful". I love this movie so much. I just hope to live in world like Pandora. It was just so much suprise, fun and exciting over there. I love it.