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Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday, Framily & a "New Pola"

A lot of our family lives far away which can be difficult. And as my dad said at our wedding, friends often fill in for family. My friend Amy long ago christened those kind of friends "framily" and I think that is very apt.
So I am really psyched that my friend Hank is moving to my block. He often self-describes himself as my younger brother and I guess in many ways he is. We don't hang as much as we did in college but the relationship remains. And like with a sibling we sometimes give each other a hard time or don't see eye to eye, but that's OK, because the relationship is just there, it's not going anywhere.
And then there is also Pete. I can sit on a couch with Pete for hours and not say I word. I like that. We shared highs & lows and things are just comfortable.
Anyway, Pete just send me a link to the new Fuji Instax camera: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0000C76XK
Sweet . Not the same old same old. ButIT lives on. Yeah.
Have a good weekend. Spend it with your framily!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday New York Magic

Courtesy of The Husband © Corvallo Arts

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wednesday This & That

Things to read & look at:

"Best Western" Vince Aletti's brief review of "Into the Sunset: Photography's Image of the American West" (@ MOMA through June 8, 2009) for The New Yorker.
The (catalog of the) exhibit is also worth a look and showcases work by Joel Sternfeld, Larry Sultan, Justine Kurland, Adam Bartos and others.

Philip Gefter's "Photography After Frank" published by Aperture.

Cara Philips essay for Lay Flat titled "The Secessionists Revisited: Artist Collectives in the Age of the Blog"

Amy Stein's blog post "Age Appropriate"?

Joerg Colberg's post "When does a shtick become a shtick?".
And Emily Shur's blog response/reflection "Shtick Shift".

And at last something simply magnificent to look at Arthur Meyerson's image "White Stallion, Mexico" which was PDN's Photo of the Day April 3, 2009.
And while we are on the topic of horses, some amazing images can be found in Tim Flach's monogram "Equus", which I acquired as used copy at the Strand today.

The above list very much reflects my current private discourse about curating, collaboration, itching for a visit out West, why I photograph horses, how to depict horses, getting older and how all of this fits together.

I'm Still Here

Lunch at Souen Organic Ramen © Eli Stein

I am still here, just busier than usual.
However on Sunday I took a short break to have lunch with my ivy-bound nephew (so proud of you E!) and the husband (after they finished their bass guitar shopping) at Souen's new noodle place.
Souen Organic Ramen is located at 326 East 6th Street and is quite good. We really enjoyed the food and the service was outstanding. The decor is pleasant too.

D. & I were so happy living on the cusp of Soho & Chinatown that we kept it extremely local. Now that we live "Uptown" I venture out a bit further and have re-discovered the East Village. I probably would not want to live there, but I like living close by. Visually it's great and I love all the small businesses and the many great restaurants.