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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday This & That

Tonight from 6-8 PM is the artist reception for NYMPHOTO PRESENTS @ SASHA WOLF GALLERY. I am really excited to show my work alongside so many great women artists and I am thrilled that we were able to put together two great exhibits this year.

Klea McKenna who showed work in the first exhibit at Sasha Wolf is featured today on the Nymphoto Blog as part of Nymphoto Conversations. We have had some great conversations recently, including ones with fellow Nymphoto cohorts Rona Chang and Candace Gottschalk.

My friend the talended Jon Shireman has opened an Etsy Store which is great news. Jon is not only a fantastic photographer he is also a master technician, so you know you'll get an outstanding print. Check it: Photographs for Sale.

And I read two great pieces in this week's New Yorker: "Hell's Kitchen" by Stephen Faris (a must read for any lover of New York) and Atul Gawande's "The Cost Conundrum" (I recently had my first real interaction with the American Healthcare System and thus this really struck a cord).

I am also looking forward to next week Thursday when Will Steacy's "Down These Mean Streets" opens at my Alma Mater:

Gulf & Western Gallery
New York University
721 Broadway
Opening Reception Thursday June 4th, 6-8pm

Looks to me like Will is just getting better and better.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Savoir Vivre

© Nina Buesing Corvallo Josh, Milano

For the Nymphoto Openings we were looking for a decent but affordable wine. It had to be white because red is just to messy in a gallery. You also want a wine that is decent enough so people can drink it without food. Melanie and I tasted a couple of wines settled on one, only to have the husband later taste it and being underwhelmed. Astor Wine to the rescue.
A very helpful seller named David at Astor Wine pointed us to the Spanish Wine "Savia Viva Clasico Penedes". An affordable smooth, light, dry-ish wine with a beautiful bottle.
My father-in-law chef thought it decent. The fact that it is light is a pro for me. I don't drink much but more importantly light is good when serving wine at a crowded opening. It keeps things mellow.
And talking about openings. I hope you can come down to Tribeca this Thursday for the artist reception of NYMPHOTO PRESENTS @ Sasha Wolf. I am exited about this exhibit, I think it is a dynamic and reflective show. And includes very talented women artists.
I am also really excited to report that one work sold as the show was hung! A collector loved it that much.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Still a Long Way to Go

My life is good. While life is not always easy in Downtown New York, most of the time it is and it is like living in a bubble of sorts.

Sara Corbett's article "A Prom Divided" (this weekend's New York Times Magazine) about Proms in Georgia made that clear again. It is incomprehensible to me to hear that parents of white students oppose integrated proms. And it is baffling to think that these parents are most likely the same generation as President Obama. And while I was happy to read that most students are for the integrated proms, I however was very uncomfortable reading that the students (and now young adults) were not standing up to their parents. If you can't rebel or stand up to your parents, what chance does one have to stand up to a stranger or authority if necessary?

Another article I read this week (and that I came across via Zoe Strauss' amazing blog) title "Kept From a Dying Partner's Bedside" written by Tara Parker-Pope (also for the Times), highlights again how gay rights is an absolutely pressing issue.

Anyway what's up with all the hating? I just don't get it.


blog 'mt.kill' / image copyright Nina Buesing Corvallo

My personal photography does not fit in all that much with trends in photography and I often feel that the photo world is not really my world. In any case, I am always tickled by positive feedback and I like gut reactions like the one that I read the other day on a blog called "mt kill". It simply said "I hate horses, but these photos are wicked".
That made me chuckle and made my day. Thanks Talia whoever you may be :)