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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sunday: Rain or Shine

If you live in New York you know that we have had un(s)(r)easonably wet, cool and grey weather. It's been a bit much, even though the flowers in my window boxes are growing well. My mood not so much. So I decided tomorrow I am taking advantage of the city -- rain or shine and getting out of the house.
I plan on checking out The Garage in Chelsea and Make Music New York.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday This & That

Film: My friend Aza's movie "Momma's Man" will be available via Netflix starting July 7.

courtesy KinoInternational/Azazel Jacobs

Photo Books: Juergen Teller: Marc Jacobs Advertising 1998-2009. It's Juergen Teller, 'nuff said.

Art Exhibit: I am looking forward to the upcoming "The Female Gaze: Women Look At Women" (JUNE 25 - SEPTEMBER 19, 2009) exhibit at Cheim & Reed. The roaster of artists included is serious and includes many of my favorites: Louise Bourgeois, Sally Mann,Julia Margaret Cameron, Kara Walker, Shirin Neshat, Hellen van Meene & many more talented female artists.

Soap: My friends C. & J. gifted lovely lilac scented soaps to their guests at their wedding. We love this soap! It is made by The Soap Guy.
I think the secret is the simple ingredient list: olive oil, coconut oil & soybean oil. Great stuff that agrees well even with dry and/or sensitive skin.

Have a great weekend and eat your vegetables & whole grain foods.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


© Nadia Sablin

Been busy catching up with some work stuff.

But here are a few things I wanted to mention. My friend Rona just did a conversation with Nadia Sablin for the Nymphoto Conversations series, which you can find by clicking here.
And my friend Jane has some great interviews coming up, so keep an eye on the Nymphoto blog.

Five Naked Men © SandraJuto/Smosch

The talented Sandra Juto is revamping her portfolio website and she has knitted more butt crack characters (siblings to Mr. Bompa). They - and other great stuff- are available in her shop and going fast. I think these 'naked men' are genius :).

My friend Emily wrote a very insightful review of her Santa Fe portfolio review experience. You can find the post titled "My Review of My Review", which you can find on her blog by clicking here.
I don't have time to expand now, so suffice to say that I very much agree with what Emily is saying.
And APhotoEditor had a great Q&A a short while back with photo rep Deborah Schwartz, which you can find by clicking here.

And at last I wanted to say that I still very much enjoy Rescue Me and that I think Nurse Jackie looks promising. Edie Falco is simply great -- some of the other characters however are a bit over the top so far, but they prob. will work themselves out.
I also watched the season premiere of Weeds (catch it free at sho.com) and wasn't so into it. Clearly I like shows that mix drama & humor (such as Rescue Me & Nurse Jackie) however the season premiere of Weeds was possibly too much drama for me.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beautiful World

all images © Nina Buesing Corvallo

Maybe you don't have a choice in what you become. Or maybe just some of us don't.
I know many who say they have a calling -- whether it is music or medicine or whatever.
I can't speak for those who have a calling to be a health care professional or a firefighter or whatever.
But I know a little about being artist.
It's not easy. All the cliches are somewhat true. We are tortured. Successful or not , we can't shut off our brains. It's a pain in the ass.
However I suspect our highs are as good as our lows -- and they are intense.
One of the best summers I ever spent was spent in Woodstock --after 9/11; spent with friends who share an understanding and who don't ever judge.
And I knew every minute how good of a time we were having. As our friend Ferdinand was saying (over and over) when he came up to visit: " I am having such a good time right now". I think we all kinda felt like that. Knowing full went that it was a magical summer.
And like a band or even like a album that summer just fused circumstance and people together to a perfect mixture.

all images © Nina Buesing Corvallo