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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Goodbye & Hello

The other day we had another rainy day in New York and it was also another day to say good-bye yet to another friend moving to London. For us one side effect of the recession is that a lot of friends are moving away and/or not moving back. Some friends might have moved eventually anyway, but I think the recession accelerates the process or in some cases causest or prevents some from returning.
New York is tough. It's great too, but ultimately it is tough.
Goodbyes make me melancholic, they are part of life and often also result in a Hello, but still they make me queasy.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Heart The Village

Duality on University Place

A real estate agent once said to me "One always comes back to the Village."
I love Soho's architecture, the small shops, the proximity to Nolita & Chinatown - and of course the history.
But it is true that the (Central) Village is hard to beat. The neighborhood is a bit boring, but what it lacks in panache it makes up with convenience & choice. The Village is well located and offers both the chain stores and the mom & pop variety. You can shop at Staples or at Village Stationary, get your Pain au Chocolat from Pain Quotidien or from one of the many excellent non-chain cafes. You can get your produce from the Farmers (or Green) Market or Whole Foods or Garden of Eden. Or go really old skool and shop at the local D'Agostino. You can take continuing ed classes at NYU or The New School. You can see a movie at a mega-plex or see a film at the Quad or Cinema Village. Take a yoga class at Kundalini Yoga East or Jivamukti or at the Health & Raquet Club (which has a pool!). You can browse through The Strand or Barnes & Noble. And you can get your ice cream either from Mr. Softee's or from the Van Leewen Ice Cream Truck.

The Van Leewen Ice Cream Truck is a guilty pleasure (I have conflicting feelings about dairy, and I wish they also offered sorbets). The Van Leewens offer a modern take on American ice cream: their product contains less sugar, is made with organic products and their ingredients emphasize sustainability. And it is delicious. One of their Balthazar-yellow trucks is parked in Soho during the day and at night makes its way up to the Village. Van Leewen uses Twitter to update customers on the whereabouts of their trucks --at last someone is using Twitter in a way I get.

My favorite is the Strawberry with Whip Cream. They make Whip Cream just like my mom.