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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday This & That (or I Heart The New Yorker)

Currently at the New Museum: David Goldblatt. Read Vince Aletti's take on it in/@ this week's New Yorker (August 3, 2009).
Also in this week's New Yorker: two photographs by Simon Roberts' that made me excited about Siberia -- online @ The New Yorker you can find a slide show titled "Enduring Beauty" narrated by Mr. Roberts with more images from this series. Mr. Robert's speaks very evocatively of Russia and I related much to his thoughts on beauty. Which in this context is specific to Russia but could easily be applied to other places.
I so much appreciated Simon Roberts' efforts to show a portrait of contemporary Russia that I promptly ordered his monograph Motherland which I had been aware of but for some reason did not connect with when it was published.
You can see a preview of the book here: www.motherlandbook.com.
And at last I really enjoyed the juxtaposition of Philipp Keel's image (from Color published by Steidl) and Andrew Bush's photograph (from Vector Portraits -Yossi Milo Gallery/Julie Saul Gallery). The images were used on page 58 &59 of this week's New Yorker to illustrate a piece of fiction (which I have not yet read--sometimes I just enjoy looking at the pictures ;). I love diptychs and these two work amazingly together.

Ok, off to bed with me, but can I just say that Yossi Milo Gallery rocks. What an eye for talent.
And I also wanted to express my frustration with flash websites. I never liked them (possibly influenced by my past as a photo editor) and never will. Obviously a flash site can be gorgeous and a piece of art in itself, but most of the time I just find life to short to put up with intricate flash sites.
Just my humble opinion.
With these random thoughts I bid you Goodnight.