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Friday, October 23, 2009

Checking in On Julianna Swaney & More

I love how Julianna has introduced blue into her palette © Julianna Swaney

My husband and I are both interested in history and particularly in the history of New York. We talk and read a lot about past decades in the city, sometimes being nostalgic for a New York that mostly does not exist anymore.
My husband wonders which will be the next "place to be".
I think the "place to be" right this minute is the net. It allows for so much exchange and discovery.
I first came across the work(& world) of Julianna Swaney's work on the net - along with lots of other artists. And the great thing is, that the net allows one to keep track of artists and what they are up to.

Anyway, Julianna is incredibly productive and diligent about posting on her blogs - www.rareredbird.blogspot.com & www.ohmycavalier.blogspot.com , allowing her audience to follow her process.

You can revisit my conversation with Julianna, by clicking here.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Silly but fun: www.deanjackson.dj/nameanagram/. (tx Emma)
Yours truly,
Vanilla Croon AKA Nina Corvallo

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nymphoto Blog

Go-Go Gadget: Rainbow-ified Darth (mini)Nina ©Melanie Oswald

Nymphoto had a great year. And for the rest of the year we are just tweaking operations to be prepped for what next year might bring.
Melanie recently started a new 'tech & geek' segment on the Nymphoto blog called Go-Go Gadget that publishes Saturdays- because girls do like tech.
We of course are continuing with the Nymphoto Conversations series. We had some really nice ones lately and more great ones to come. Ellen Rennard will be featured soon (a horsewoman just like me!) and soon we will also publish a re-interview with Emily Shur.
Also coming soon will be our Picture of The Week segment. And we'd like to expand on Nymphoto Op-Ed, so if you have an opinion piece relevant to Women in the Arts/Photography send it to submissions(at)nymphoto.com for review.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

The Precious (sold already!), The Comandant & The Widower (love the titles of the works) ©Ryan McLennan

I have lots of work right now, but Saturday I took a break to see Ryan McLennan's show, which was - as expected- great. Go see it at Joshua Liner Gallery in Chelsea.

On Sunday night my friend Andrea taught me how to cook a new delicious wintry vegge dish using a recipe by Peter Berley.
We made balsamic roasted seitan with Cipollini onions with sides of mashed potatoes & baked kale. It's a great winter dish and quick to make. The recipe for the seitan dish can be found in Peter Berley's easy-to-follow cookbook Fresh Food Fast. The mashed potatoes we made with Ronnybrook dairy and the baked kale is simply washed and sprinkled with olive oil & salt, then baked until crisp on the edges. Easy as pie. Bon Appétit! as Julia would say.

Hail Seitan ;) -- Seitan Stew a la Peter Berley © Nina Corvallo