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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Future

How perfect is Camille's last name?! © Camille Seaman

I am a sucker for an Alice Hoffman novel. I have been under the weather, so I cuddled up with the cats and a copy of The Probable Future and read it in one stretch. And I am all better now.
Alice Hoffman's writing is so beautiful and detailed, but hard to translate visually.
Today's Nymphoto Conversation is with Camille Seaman. Like the prose of Alice Hoffman, Camille Seaman's portraits of icebergs are transfixing. The disappearing icebergs are at once magnificent and tragic - and for me Camille Seaman's work also falls into the genre of magical realism.
As I write this, I have a hint of beautiful crisp winter air come in through my window and it makes me wonder how quickly the earth will heat up. When I travelled in arctic circle earlier this year, the locals all spoke about how much milder the winters had become.
Please head over to the Nymphoto blog for my conversation with the inspirational Camille Seaman: www.nymphoto.blogspot.com.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gifting & Giving

© Emily Shur

The winter months are here. I am not religious but having grown up in a Northern Country where sunlight is scarce during these months, I am fond of appropriated pagan rituals: good x-mas markets, mulled wine, lots of lights, decorations and even the gift-giving and receiving, -- it makes winter festive and cozy. Yeah, I am dreaming of a white x-mukah ;)
I think (big) gifts are totally unnecessary, however I am always thrilled if I get something homemade like jam or a knitted hat or a cool hand-me-down.
I like to give gifts made by me or the many talented artists & artisans out there. The web makes it easy to find unique stuff. Here is a quick guide to some my favorite online sources:

www.sandrajuto.bigcartel.com great prints , 'wrist worms' & more
www.camillaengman.com 2010 Calendars, the book & more
www.ohmycavalier.com great prints & original art works
www.linea-carta.com baby gifts, linens & more
www.ideapearle.com great prints & custom orders (even Gywneth Paltrow has discoverd Ida!)
www.manos.bircartel.com fabulous ceramics & more
www.collectdotgive.org find prints by my dear friend Emily Shur and the fabulous Susana Raab & others -- all profits go to charity. Both Emily & Susana chose causes close to their hearts.
www.featureshoot.myshopify.com find prints by my friend & Nymphoto cohort Rona Chang - 1o% profits go to Kiva.org

Or maybe simply give to a charity or micro-lender of your choosing!

Happy End-of-Year!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Upper Case Books: Camilla Engman

courtesy/copyright Camilla Engman/Uppercase

My husband is always wondering where the next "it" place is. I keep telling him it's the Internet.
Downtown New York used to be an "it" place, exploding with new thinking and creativity. It made a lot of people come to New York and they also traveled to places Goa or Kathmandu for adventure and information exchange. The Internet of course cannot replace the experience of physically being in another place, but it sure is an incredible space for information exchange.

The Internet is not always beneficial or benign, but overall it has been good for art.
I discovered the art (and world) of Camilla Engman via her blog. I am a big fan of Camilla's and was so delighted to receive my copy of Upper Case Books Camilla Engman monograph the other day. A must have for any Camilla Engman and/or Morran aficionado. It is beautifully edited, lovingly put together and gives you some wonderful information about Camilla's process.

You can order the book via: www.uppercasegallery.ca or if you are receiving your copy in Europe it might get faster to you if you order a copy directly from Camilla: www.camillaengman.com.