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Friday, January 1, 2010

Ahoi 2010!

Sailing on the Elbe River (boat built by my dad!) © Buesing

This holiday season reminded me of the comfort ritual and tradition (in moderation!) can provide.
And in that spirit I bought some flowers for the house last night, cooked a favorite vegge meal for the husband, cleansed & blessed our home & family with some sage and greeted the year in a very conscious way.
Then this morning my parents, the husband & I spit into the East River to greet the New Year (It's a family tradition. The Elbe river in Hamburg is preferred but any body of water will do, even the loo).
I am blessed or lucky or whatever and I hope good fortune stays with us in 2010. And I wish you the same:Happy 2010 & smooth sailing to you!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

On Avatar, Beauty & Violence

After my friend Eric mused on FB about how beautiful Avatar was, I changed my mind and dragged the husband to a 3D showing of the movie.
I did this partially because I wanted to see what all the hoopla was about and partially because the end of year has brought a yearning for inspiration and beauty in me. As André Leon Talley would say: “It’s a famine of beauty, honey!!”.
Or at least in my mind there is a famine, my mind has been an creative desert.
Maybe things are just a bit to real for me these days.
And exactly for that reason I could have done without all the fighting scenes in Avatar.
I watch & read the news. I don't need to see additional violence. I am always shocked at how much violent imagery & storylines we are bombarded with from entertainment programs. I think it is totally out of control.
Much like chefs sometimes have to reset their pallets and not eat salt for a week, I think society could benefit from a resetting. Everyone should spend a couple of months without watching crime or action tv & movies.
I would have preferred to just spend some time in the forests of Pandora.
There is much to criticize about Avatar. The storyline is unsophisticated to the point of offensiveness.The dialogue is banal. BUT visually Avatar it is a masterpiece. The world of Avatar's Pandora is breathtakingly beautiful. And that is worth a lot.
There is no point to life without beauty and wonder.
Avatar's beauty just might have sparked the right neurons in my brain.
Kudos to James Cameron for holding on to his inner child. And thanks for those wonderful blue feline-esque creatures with long braids and the luminous world they inhabit.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Grey Gardens (The Hamptons)

Meacox Bay © Nina Buesing Corvallo

Last night I finally saw the Grey Gardens adaption with Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore.
Both actresses are great in it and also with each other. Definitely worth watching. The story of Big and Little Edie makes one pause.
The third star of the movie - Grey Gardens itself- reminded me how much I like being out on the island or any where near water off-season. I love the cool air, the fog, the muted colors, the deserted beaches and sleepy towns.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Amayo of Antibals @ The Knitting Factory © Nina Buesing Corvallo

I hope you are having a good End of Year.
Just before the holidays we went to see Afrobeat Orchestra Antibalas at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. As expected they are a great live band and it was a treat to see them at such an intimate venue.
If you want to see Antibalas in New York, you can do so New Year's eve at the Knitting Factory. Rumor has it that Antibalas might extend their residency at the Knitting Factory through January. So if New Year's is too hectic (for you), you might just be able to catch them on a Thursday night at the Knitting Factory's BK local. But come prepared. When we went, Antibalas was scheduled for 11:30 PM. But they did not go on stage until 12:45 AM!