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Friday, January 8, 2010

Beth Cavener Stichter @ Claire Oliver

Time flies. Last year I meant to write about Beth Cavener Stichter, after I saw her show at Claire Oliver. But alas I never got around to it.
We came across her work by accident by walking through Chelsea after seeing the excellent Walton Ford show at Paul Kasmin Gallery. Both the husband and I loved Beth Cavener Stichter right away. Anything anthropomorphic is always up my alley and anything provocative always interests my husband.
But her work offers much more than that. It was exciting to see such accessible work that was so well executed and displayed such clear vision.
Here are some images of her sculptures that were exhibited last year at Claire Oliver Gallery. The show was titled On Tender Hooks.

On Tender Hooks by Beth Cavener Stichter

You can find out more about artist Beth Cavener Stichter at: www.followtheblackrabbit.com (what a lovely url!).

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