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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Culturehall: Framed & Haiti

© Andrea Chung

Please head over to www.culturehall.com for the latest issue titled Framed, curated by Candace Gottschalk and myself. Working on this project was a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Candace again. The feature led us to discover the work of Sara Applegren and gave us an opportunity to highlight work by three of our favorite contemporary women artists: Andrea Chung, LaToya Ruby Frazier and Tiana Markova-Gold.
We are proud to showcase this eclectic yet cohesive selection of work that reflects on the traditional and the progressive. And we hope that the dynamic of this selection is thought provoking. Thank you Tema and Andrew of Culturehall for the opportunity.

Please also re-visit my Nymphoto Conversation with Tiana, by clicking here. In that interview I presented work Tiana photographed in Haiti, and of course in light of the devastating earthquake in Port-au-Prince, those images become even more poignant.
One feels so powerless every time a catastrophe likes this happens. I just asked some aid worker friends of mine what a constructive way to help would be. I'll keep you posted on what they say.

And while it sounds trite, I do believe that it also matters how you conduct yourself in your every day life. Be polite, be helpful, be active in your own community. I think changing the world starts at home. As my sister once said, raising a child is a very political act. Each of us has an impact.

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