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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do You Baggu?

courtesy Baggu

I shop as much as possible at the Farmer's Market and shop in the bulk section of markets & health food stores to avoid packaging. I bring bags with me when I go shopping. And my favorite bag is a marine themed blue & white striped one by Baggu.
The very sturdy Baggu bags come in several sizes and in many many colors -- and fold up small enough to stuff in my purse, so I always have one handy.
My favorite Baggu is a marine inspired blue & white striped Big Baggu (note to self: get one of these for Chad).
Coolhunting has a great video with Baggu founder & designer Emily Sugihara.
Watch it below:

courtesy Coolhunting/Baggu

You can purchase Baggus at: www.baggubag.com.

Also my friend Adelka makes bags out of recycled clothes, checkout her blog: www.reinventyourpants.blogspot.com.

1 comment:

Rona Chang said...

That's the one I'd buy if I were ordering some. I am using one that Maria gave me a couple of years ago from another company and some really sturdy one that Ross made that can hold loads (good for car trips). I am a sucker for blue and white stripes.