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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Reading (Peter is the new Julia)

My dad is an engineer and he used to travel to Nigeria for work every month. The other day at my house he was reading Uwem Akpan's fiction piece for The New Yorker Baptizing the Gun and he was commenting how authentic the writing felt. It brought my dad right back to Lagos. You can find the piece here: www.newyorker.com.

Kottke.org made me aware of Nil by Mouth by Roger Ebert for the Chicago Sun Times , an intense piece of writing. Roger Ebert is a great critic, but clearly he is also a great person. You can read Nil by Mouth by clicking here.

I am reading Elizabeth Gilbert's Committed, and so far I like it. I know some find her too much, but I like how she embraces life and I find her courageous too. And to me she is a hero just for that.

Andrea got me reading cook books. I used to never cook. I did not cook for two reasons: because my husband is an outstanding cook and out of a feminist sentiment that deemed all things domestic secondary. I now have a different view of all things domestic and I capable of some very decent cooking. My friend Andrea however is a really talented cook who makes heavenly meals. Yum.
She recommended Peter Berley's cook books to me and while I always thought of myself as cook-from-the-heart& trial-by-error cook, I have found myself reading Peter Berely's books with great enthusiasm. After Julie & Julia, I was chagrined that my vegetarianism was depriving me of being able to cook through all of Julia Child's recipes. I briefly toyed with experimenting with making some sort of fake meet Beef Bourguignon. I no longer have to do so blindly as Peter Berely has an excellent recipe for Seitan Bourguignon in his book The Modern Vegetarian Kitchen.
I think I can take my cooking to another level, thanks Andy & Peter ;)

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