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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yola Monakhov

Elegance and Eloquence from the series Empire Pictures;
Plain View from the series Once Out of Nature © Yola Monakhov

There is something about Yola Monakhov's work. I just can't really put my finger on it, can't really put it into words. For me the magic in her work comes from what I interpret to be an empathetic anthropological (quest for) understanding. So much photography is detached and never offers anything valuable, but Yola Monakhov stirs emotion.
Her images always make me linger and transport me.

Yola Monakhov has an opening at Sasha Wolf Gallery next Thursday and the following week Rona will present an interview with Yola on the Nymphoto Blog for our Conversations series. Stay tuned.

Girl with Plane from the series Photography After Dante © Yola Monakhov

Yola Monakhov
Photography After Dante
Sasha Wolf Gallery
10 Leonard Street (Tribeca)
New York, NY
January 14 - March 6, 2010
Opening Reception: Thursday January 14, 2010, 6-8 PM

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