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Friday, February 5, 2010

Swedish Namesakes (More Things Swedish)

Some of my mother's family hailed from Sweden ,one of her middle names is Gustava, after' this dude' presumably. And an image by of Christina by Sébastien Bourdon. She liked horses too.

Pictured above is King Gustav (or Gustavus) of Sweden. One of my mother's middle names is Gustava, an homage to her/our Swedish heritage. Gustav had a daughter named Christina (or Kristina). And my mother (& father) incidentally gave me Christina as one of my names.
Christina of Sweden was a tomboy (she is pictured above on horseback).
In part because Gustav decided to raise her as a prince not as a princess. And because Queen was technically the title of the King's consort not the title of a reigning monarch in Sweden then, Christina took her oath as King during coronation.
One can argue that Gustav's decision to give his daughter the education of a prince was at once conservative and progressive.
Being born in line to any throne makes the likelihood high that your life will be extraordinary. And Christina of Sweden certainly led an unconventional life, propelled by circumstance and guided by deep reflection. It has made her an icon to many today.
Life is Ying & Yang. Convention has its place as does dissent. Rational dissent can lead to change and progress.
Sweden today ranks as the most gender equal country in the world and I like to think that gender equality in Sweden might have started with Christina.
You can read more about Christina of Sweden at Wikipedia.
I never really dug Christina as a name, now I love it.
It's all about how you look at things.

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