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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wedesday This & That

Oh the joy of steam heating and old plumbing :)

I like to drop of my vegetable scraps at the Farmer's Market with that nice European lady, but an alternative is to do the composting yourself. If you are interested or just want to read about this process one good resource is: www.nyc.gov.
I don' t want the responsibility of the worms. But I do think it is pretty cool and maybe at a later point I can give it a try.

Terry Richardson has a blog (well it is more like a flickr page, but it is worth checking in on nonetheless): www.terrysdiary.com.
My friend Jon Shireman also joint the blogging world: www.jonshireman.com/blog.
And Emily moved her blog to a new address: www.emilyshur.com/blog.

Also I read the following posts this morning while having my cup of tea. Neither article speaks about a situation I am in, however both gave me some ideas:

Nora Dunn's Feeling Stuck? 100 Ways to Change your Life
Erica Douglass' Outsourcing Life: Unconventional Advice for When You’re Financially Secure.

That's all folks. I am in the middle of dealing with the consequences of a leak (see above) so I gotta run.

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Erica said...

Thanks for the link, Nina! :)