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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Paper & Rubber

works by Park Jiyun (incense holes and gouache on rice paper) and Ji Yong-Ho (used rubber tires, steel wood & styrofoam) as seen at Gana Art Gallery.

New Yorkers are easy. A little bit of perfect weather and all we do is marvel and move our lives outside. The husband and I are no exception and so today we did a little bit of gallery hopping in Chelsea. Two artists that stood out were Park Jiyun and Ji Yong-Ho, both at Gana Art (568 West 25th Street).
Park Jihyun's works are light, subtle and exquisitely executed. Like in the work of Karen Margolis, you can see the catharsis the artist might have experienced during the making of this work.
Ji Yong-Ho's Mutant Mythos sculptures worked in perfect juxtaposition to Park Jiyun's series Weightlessness. Ji Yong-Ho animal sculptures are anything but light. Made out of used heavy black rubber tires and steel, the sculptures are at once stoic and ardent.

Gana Art focuses on Korean Artist and offers an artist-in-residence program, providing artists with studio and living space. Visit www.english.ganaart.com for more info on these artists and the gallery.

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