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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Paper & Cashmere

Bit of Radio Silence, because I was knee deep in paperwork and some house renovations. I finished my taxes which was a lot of sorting and paper work, and I am also reorganizing my whole business. I should have taken greater advantage while in college and taken business classes (as my dad suggested). But I didn't. I learned some good practices from people I worked for and I recently did a lot of reading. I also engaged a little outside help. And I am re-organising my whole business. It's exciting and I think will help me to also be creatively more productive. (and keep me from following the path of a certain Annie L.!).
A fun project I am doing for relaxation on the side is trying my hand at recycling cashmere sweaters into a blanket. I was inspired by Sun Moon Lake, I doubt my blanket will look as awesome, but I'll try my best. And if you have some old cashmere sweaters you want to give away, let me know.

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