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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Paintings by Momoko Takamatsu

Via Fine Little Day I came across the royal portraits painted by artist Momoko Takamatsu. You can find them by visiting: www.inuti.se.
I love the color palette the artist uses and the mood she captures in the faces of her portraits.
Momoko Takamatsu recently had a show at the Royal Armoury in Stockholm, Sweden titled Momokos Kungliga Porträtt (Momokos Royal Portraits) that was a great success.
Ms.Takamatsu studies and practices her craft at Atelje'Inuti. Inuti is a foundation that offers persons with intellectual disabilities (Ms. Takamatsu has Down Syndrome) a space and environment to practice artistic expression.
The world has been so focused on conformity for so long and I think artists like Momoko Takamatsu help us appreciate and celebrate individuality, while reminding us that while we might all be different we also have much in common.

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