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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It makes might heart heavy when I think of Haiti. The other day we received an email from eBay that Nymphoto was one of the top 25 fundraisers for the month of April saying that . But of course that was less than a drop in the bucket. And one wonders about Haiti's road ahead.
Wyatt along with some friends recently visited Haiti. Their journey is being turned into a documentary called Hey You!. While I am wary of 'disaster chasing' I do think it is really important to keep the public aware and Haiti in the news. And I think this movie will fall into a different category, because this movie also celebrates the positive. And that is just so important. And it really is a decision each of us has to make to see the world half full not as half empty. Half empty is easier, one will feel less disappointment, but you also get less done and the journey is harder.
I predict one criticism for the movie could be that Americans have a hero complex or are too positive. And sure there is some truth to it. But still let's try to see thins half empty otherwise no change will come.

Click here to find the trailer for Eugen Fuller's Hey You! on Vimeo filmed in Haiti and featuring Wyatt Gallery.
Also if you have not read it yet, read The Last Babylift by John Seabrook in The New Yorker (May 10, 2010). He speaks about his personal experience of adopting his daughter from Haiti. Adoption is such a complex issue and I think the article is a good one on the topic.

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