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Friday, May 21, 2010

Some (New York) News

© Nina Buesing Corvallo

The original Law & Order series ending is a bummer for us New Yorkers. Not just because of all the revenue lost, but also because the series has been deeply embedded in the folklore of the city for two decades.
It seems most things come to an end and I guess if you want to look at it from a Zen perspective, than you might say that this is part of the Ying & Yang of life. And if it has to end, then better to go out like this, with people mourning the loss than people breathing a sign of relief.

Today we also say goodbye to Nymphoto.
The collective and the ideas behind it have been around for a good amount of time in New York too. Over a decade.
As said in our farewell post, the decision was made form a positive place. The collective came to be guerrilla style in an old wrecked artist loft that has since, predictably, has given way to a bling condominium. (Hey Pete, we will be forever grateful!). We are proud of all the things we have done.
What has meant the most to us when we received thanks from artists who actually felt that we had helped their career.That is an awesome feeling. And that was the mission.
The collective has also has given us members invaluable experiences, opportunity and friendship.
As my brother-in-law, the doctor, likes to say: stasis is death. So I am happy to report that lots has changed for all of us at Nymphoto since the journey began. Careers (in the arts and outside the arts) have flourished, people have moved and bought homes, found partners & husbands and three of us even had offspring.
None of these events have replaced our desire for community or for fighting the good fight. It is just that things need to change.
I hear Dick Wolf is talking to a cable network about giving L&O another season or that there might be a tv-movie to wrap things up.
Well Nymphoto, might go the same route. We are saying au revoir not adieu.
You might see us pop up again some time in the future in some shape or form. And please keep in touch and follow our individual efforts.
In the mean time I just wanted to thank you all who lend us support over the years. I can't list all of you. But know we appreciated it.
Big shout out to our husbands & partners, our families at large and our friends. And I wanted to single out Emily, Tema, Pete, Sasha and my husband. In my book you guys played a pivotal role and of course I am grateful for my talented and kind Nymphoto cohorts. Thank you, Ladies!


Rona Chang said...

well put on all fronts and thank you nina for everything. and thx for adding email subscribe, i can be more up to date.

Tema said...

Thank you and Nymphoto for many years of support. You will be missed!

Anonymous said...

You know I will always be honored to be a part of anything you are a part of. Cheers to all the Nymphoto ladies!