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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday This & That (Global Edition)

- This week's New Yorker's Shots & Murmurs Your New College Graduate: A Parents' Guide by Simon Rich made me giggle.
- Helmar Lerski exhibit at Ubu Gallery in New York through June 25th, 2010. (via Horses Think)
- I am a big fan of old skool 'low-fi' Caribbean living. Much of it is disappearing, some for good reasons (a concrete house does better with the elements) and often for the bad reasons (golf courses etc).
Caribbean Style by Suzanne Slessin & Stafford Cliff, Jack Berthelot, Martine Gaumé,Daniel Rozensztroch, published by Slesin & Cliff is a good anthology of traditional Caribbean homes and living. Many incredible houses in Port au Prince, Haiti are shown in this book. Many houses depicted imaginably were destroyed in this year's earthquake. While of course unimportant in comparison to the human suffering, it is certainly a big cultural loss.
- Another outstanding anthology of style is Tim Street-Porter's Casa Mexicana. Apparently there is a follow up: Casa Mexicana Style (with Anne Kelly), that I plan on checking out.
- Also Rona travelled twice to Mexico this year and she shares some of her images on her blog: www.plumandlion.blogspot.com.

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