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Monday, June 14, 2010

And in Sports News...

Germany vs Australia at the Blaue Gans © Buesing

The world cup is in full swing and New Yorkers have soccer fever. The city is a great place to be during the world cup, because people from everywhere live here and so every game becomes an event. New York is pretty crowded, especially Downtown Manhattan, so sometimes life just spills out onto the street, particularly in the summer and during the worldcup.
And that makes the city extra fun.
For me it is not really about the game or who is winning or loosing. I just like seeing people enthusiastic and connecting. Come to think of it maybe that is the point of the game.

In other sports news, Abby Sunderland was rescued. Irresponsible or not, Abby Sunderland has reignited my affinity for sailing. You can read Abby Sunderland's blog entries at: www.soloround.blogspot.com.

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