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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Cynics say artists donate their work to advance their career. But mostly that isn't so. It constantly amazes me how so many artists who have limited income donate so much. I guess when you feel good about what you do and yourself, it is easier to act from the heart.
Right now the wonderful Julianna Swaney has a print for sale of which 100% of the proceeds go to the Audubon Society's Oil Spill Clean Up Effort.
You can find the print at: www.ohmycavalier.bigcartel.com.

Night Demons © Julianna Swaney

Another cause to my clause to my heart is the aid effort in Haiti.
My friend Wyatt Gallery is currently pre-selling books and prints for his upcoming book - and all of the proceeds will be benefiting the victims of the Haiti earthquake. Find out more by watching the video below:

and by visiting: www.wyattgallery.com/haiti.

As the checkout clerk at the supermarket said to me the other: You get what give.
Words to live by.

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