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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Paul (& Two Sticks and A Ball)

This is somewhat old news. However I had not seen video of Paul before and I love octopodes (not to eat, people, just like their shape and intelligence). So I thought I would share (tx Mere).

Der Paul
courtesy AP

I am not gloating. I've been a looser. I know the feeling. And it sucks even more when the ref made a mistake.
However -I know this is controversial - I am not sure if the game should change and instant replay should be added. FIFA's argument long has been that human error is all part of the game. I used to think that ridiculous, but now I do feel it is part of the beauty of the game. It is a metaphor for life. Mistakes are make and injustices happen every day. No matter how hard we try, there will always be accidents, mistakes and injustices. And one has to learn to live with it and we have to try to do better. To follow that argument through, maybe then there should be no HD or slow motion footage of the matches. Keep it simple. Keep the world cup close to how the game is played all around the world every day.

soccer players on New York's LES and in Genova, Italy © Nina Buesing

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